Leadership–Narnian Style

07 Nov

While I’m not thrilled with the results of yesterday’s election–and wouldn’t have been, no matter how it turned out–I’m glad it’s over. All the lawn posters get on my nerves; and also, I’m not overly fond of suspense. That’s one reason why I enjoy books more the second time through—after I already know everything that will happen. (Yes, I’ve been told that doesn’t make sense.)

That pattern definitely holds true for C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series. I tend to read it once a year, and I enjoy it far more now than I did as a child (much as I enjoyed several of the books then). Since most of us are tired of all the campaigning, I thought that I would write this week’s post on something a little lighter—tips for leadership, Narnia-style.

  1. Carry a sword. It looks good, and anyway, you never know when you may need to kill a rampaging wolf. For maximum satisfaction, name your sword and hire a dwarvish smith to inscribe prophecies on the blade.
  2. Hunting without weapons is a wonderful leaderly pastime. It also entails the risk of being shipped back to World War II.
  3. Be suspicious of your family members. If your brother stares at hills in the distance—if your uncle seems grumpy—if your sister puts on too much make-up—be very, very careful.
  4. Leave your game pieces lying around. It could help you save your country in a few hundred years.
  5.  If you want to have a good political philosophy—base it on fairy tales.
  6.  It is all right to leave your country for months at a time. Just as long as you are fulfilling an oath to find men you’ve never seen in your life.
  7.  But it is not all right to sail off the edge of the earth. Your countrymen might miss you (eventually).
  8. Do not let your children go snake hunting. They might spend the next ten years of their lives clanking around in black armor, plotting to overthrow you.
  9. Driving a hansom cab around London is a good preparation for your political career. Particularly if you learn farming first.
  10.  Avoid being turned into a donkey—it’s bad for public relations.
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